Turning Home
“Amazing! This is truly Anne Marie's best album yet... Her music brings joyful memories of days gone by as well as peace for the present day. Anne Marie's rich music never grows old through the mix of original songs and instrumentals. Her music brightens any day or night, and is a must-have for your collection!” - review on CD Baby by Sara C.

Peace Be With You
“I came upon this treasure of an album when I met Anne Marie David at the Boston Catholic Television Annual Telethon. She was set to perform after me. I remained behind to listen and was glad I did: her breathy and lovely soprano and her intimate and skillful piano playing really captivated me.

Thanks to the fact that I lost my interview and live performance recording of her on my digital voice recorder that I was to use for my podcast, I explored David further on her website to choose a song to sample. The first song from her Peace Be With You album immediately grabbed me -- the title cut to the album, a brief opening greeting that instantly took me to a peaceful place. It also occurred to me what a wonderful choice it would make for a song during the Sign of Peace at mass.

Listening further, I wondered if she had been influenced by Sarah McLachlan and Jeanne Cotter, because she sounds like a combination of both. Her vocals are so intimate, as if she’s in the room with you.

Lyrics are also good, avoiding the typical Catholic catch phrases for more creative images that convey the teachings of Christ.

Soaring harmonies complement several songs, including Only You and Love Lights the World.

The final song, Open Wide the Door, with its socially conscious lyrics and very easy-to-learn refrain, would make a wonderful congregational song for liturgy.

I will be listening to Peace Be With You again and again.” - Susan Bailey, Grapevine Magazine

Here I Am, Lord
“Anne Marie David’s beautiful interpretations of familiar liturgical pieces on her CD Here I Am, Lord capture for me the movement of the spirit and engage me in prayer. I use them in the movement/dance class I teach, Saltate et Jubilate (SJ Dance) for people who love to dance their prayer. ” - Robert VerEecke, SJ, Pastor of St. Ignatius Church and Jesuit Artist in Residence at Boston College

The First Morning
“You write beautiful music. Music that soars, sings, reaches for the sublime... A musical voice that is rich from life’s experiences... A music that comes straight from the heart, and speaks directly to the hearts of many.” ...“Your sense of timing is impeccable.” ...“The music is always alive, dramatic, and keeps the listener alert. All these are precious characteristics of a true talent, a real artist. By the way, you also play beautifully!” - Thomas Oboe Lee, composer/professor, Boston College

“The piano instrumentals in Anne Marie David’s The First Morning will breathe peace into your soul. This CD has calmed me down in traffic jams, lightened my load when grieving for a friend, and provided beautiful background music in my house. David’s piano playing is a tranparency for the joys of the spirit -- but never too ethereal to grasp. There’s plenty of romance in her fluid riffs and melodies. One of my favorite songs of all time, Birch Pennings, transports the listener to the spring forest where her husband proposed on a piece of birch bark. Do your soul a favor and buy this CD. You’ll feel better every time you listen.” - Sara Hunter, writer/producer

Prayer of St. Francis
“Anne Marie has found the essence of these melodies and infused a beautiful perspective all her own. Prayer of St. Francis is a sensitive and thoughtful recording -- a tribute to the lasting hymns of the church combined with wonderful improvisations from her soul.” - Jeanne Cotter, recording artist and author of Keyboard Improvisation for the Liturgical Musician

“Anne Marie David’s long-awaited collection, Prayer of St. Francis, is a spirit-inspired recording which truly reveals her gifts as an inspirational pianist. Her faith-filled interpretations of traditional hymns, chant and song bring the listener to peace and to prayer. What a wonderful gift to us!” - Michael Burgo, composer for World Library Publications

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